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Essene Book of Days

Essene Book of Days 2016
The Essene Book of Days is a seasonal journal calendar and guide for those on a path of personal and spiritual growth. Danaan Parry had a deep interest in the spiritual approach of the Essenes.

To use this book as your personal journal is to call upon the wisdom of the Essenes as revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the service of your own spiritual development. This unique book allows you to dissolve the barriers to your own spiritual awareness gently as you reconnect with the rhythms of the natural order.

Updated each year, the Essene Book of Days shows solar and lunar cycles; provides a page for each day of the year to record your own thoughts; and is filled with Parry's meditations and blessings based upon the teaching of the Essenes. 416 pp. $15.00 Danaan Parry. (ISBN 978-15142056-3-1).

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Essene Book of Days

Essene Book of Days 2015 still available

(ISBN 978-15004853-0-6)

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For more information about the Essenes, go to:

Photo of book Warriors of the Heart Warriors of the Heart is a handbook for bringing healing, passion and meaning to your life and relationships, based on Danaan's conflict resolution work around the world. 224 pp. Danaan Parry ($14.95) (ISBN 978-14392639-2-1)

"Danaan Parry—a true pioneer. His ideas and techniques help all of us who care about our earth and are willing to act."
   David Gershon and Gail Straub, authors of Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It

"Danaan Parry shows us a path beyond peace - toward participation in the creation, together, of a vital, healthy, loving world. A song of celebration for this work and for his life."
   Paul Winter, internationally known musician

"To me, Danaan Parry lives on as an inspiring teacher of the power that one man has to bring about planetary healing. He was a true warrior of the heart."
   Alan Cohen, author of The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

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Photo of book Essene Book of Mediations & Blessings
Essene Book of Meditations and Blessings is a handy pocket-size book featuring all the daily meditations and blessings found in Essene Book of Days. A great travel companion! 144 pp. Danaan Parry. Price: $8.95, including Shipping and Handling. $7 each for five or more to the same address.

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Photo of book Earthstewards Handbook

EARTHSTEWARDS HANDBOOK: Currently out-of-print, this volume is a collection of reflections and practical suggestions on ways to help make the spiritual vision of the Sevenfold Path of Peace a reality in our life together on this planet.


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Other Books by Earthstewards Members

Photo of book Joy of Conflict Resolution Working with Danaan and reading Warriors of the Heart shaped my approach to conflict resolution. In particular, these experiences deepened my appreciation that conflict resolution begins within and is as much about building relationship as it is about solving problems. The Joy of Conflict Resolution explores these aspects of conflict through the lens of the “drama triangle” of victims, villains and heroes. It is accessible, engaging and light-hearted in style and uses stories and humor to explore potentially emotionally charged situations. I believe the book will be of particular value to Earthstewards who encounter conflict in their roles as positive change agents in the world.

Author Gary Harper was a member of the initial PeaceTrees Vietnam in 1996.

To purchase Gary's book, please go to

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